Ivan Shamaev

Senior Analytics Engineer | BI Developer

I am focused on enhancing my technical skills for data handling, acquiring knowledge in various business domains to better understand metrics, and developing my soft skills.

Core competencies

Open Source BI​

Apache Superset: Administration, custom plugin development, preparing data marts in ClickHouse or PostgreSQL, dashboard development

Yandex DataLens (SaaS)

Experienced with full development cycle of a BI (building of dashboards, datamarts for DataLens)

ETL​, Data Pipelines

Integration with various data sources (DB, APIs, Google Spreadsheets, etc.). Setting up data pipelines, data management, ETL monitoring

Qlik Sense​

Full development cycle on the platform. Development of data models, visualization, integration with various data sources (from databases to API).


The main Python libraries I use in my work are: requests, pandas, json, sys, qvd, flask

Data Storage​

ClikHouse: Creating tables, loading with data, writing queries

Orchestration Tool

ETL orchestration via Apache Airflow, setting up DAG


Sending notifications to Telegram, Slack, Yandex Messenger using Qlik Sense, Python, AirFlow


☑ 8 years working with business intelligence and reporting systems

☑ Significant experience with advanced financial systems and financial reporting

☑ Deep understanding of analytical processes and tools for data processing and visualization.
☑ Skills in managing and developing a team of analysts.
☑ Experience in administering VPS environments with Ubuntu and Docker. Basic knowledge of DevOps.
☑ Ability to develop strategic plans to enhance the analytical function and achieve the organization’s data analysis goals.
☑ Excellent communication skills to effectively interact with colleagues, management, and other stakeholders.
☑ Experience in project management within the field of analytics, with the ability to control timelines, budgets, and project resources.
☑ Extensive experience with financial reporting, including budgeting and financial planning.


Bauman Moscow State Technical University
2006 — 2012
Faculty of robotics and integrated automation: Automation of technological processes and productions


Technical Skills

Qlik Sense
Qlik Scripting (Data processing)
Data visualization
Apache Superset
Yandex DataLens
SQL, Experience with API
Linux Ubuntu

Soft Skills

Attention to detail
Critical thinking
Problem-solving skills
Communication skills

Business Analysis Skills

Diagramming (miro, draw.io)
Work with requirements
Writing documentation


Russian: Native
English: Working Professional (B1)
On the way to B2

December 2023 - current time

TeamLead BI (Yandex DataLens)

☑ Automated the update of data marts from MS SQL to ClickHouse (Airflow, Python, S3, Parquet). Two data update scenarios - full and incremental (exchange tables, partition manipulation).
☑ Conducted an audit of the BI environment. As a result of the audit, performance issues with DataLens were resolved (converted tables to columnar format, eliminated views, formalized the table update process).
☑ Oversaw the migration project from BigQuery to Yandex Cloud (ClickHouse, Airflow, dbt). Trained several teams on working with dbt, ClickHouse, and DataLens.
☑ Built several data marts in ClickHouse for operational analytics and application and website data analysis (e-commerce).
☑ Led projects to improve reporting on finance, operations, and marketing (key business metrics).
☑ Actively participated in a cross-functional project to overhaul the company's main reporting, formulating requirements and setting tasks.
☑ Developed several key dashboards in Yandex DataLens.

Tech Stack: DataLens, SQL, Python, dbt-ClickHouse, Airflow, GreenPlum, ClickHouse, Superset, Jupyter Notebooks, Yandex Cloud, s3

August 2020 - December 2023

Senior BI Developer

☑ Automated and visualized the company's main financial reports (PnL, Balance Statement) in Qlik Sense
☑ Implemented Superset, which reduced Qlik licensing costs and expanded data operations within the company
☑ Developed an ETL process for extracting data from the Facebook API (3 data layers)
☑ Developed tools for plan-fact analysis, reducing the time required to prepare performance reports for departments by 90%

☑ Qlik Sense:
 ▸ ETL, Apps, Data Processing, GIT & .qvs
 ▸ Creating simple extensions
 ▸ Work with users and their requirements
 ▸ Support SSE Plugins
☑ Apache Superset:
 ▸ Choosing an additional BI tool from open-source
 ▸ Custom plugin development
 ▸ Building image with a custom plugin
 ▸ A full range of work on the development of visualization in the Superset
 ▸ Migration from 1.3.2 to 2.0.1
☑ Clickhouse
☑ OpenMetadata - select system from several options, installation and insert test data
☑ Docker, Dockerfile, Linux (Ubuntu), nginx
☑ GitLab: working with gitlab-ci.yml on 2 projects

☑ Subject domain: Social Media, Finance

May 2017- July 2020​

Senior BI Developer

☑ Developing new analytical applications and supporting existing Apps QlikView
☑ NPrinting - creating and sending regular reports from QlikView
☑ C# - Developed Windows Server Services and custom utilities for working with the QlikView Server API and NPrinting API
☑ PHP - Developed an Data Extractor for Bitrix24 CRM, Yandex Metrika, Google Analytics and Mango Office APIs
☑ 1C ERP: developed an epf procedure for generating a sql query from DB for qlik
☑ GIT - Designed the .qvs Architecture and Configured the Workflow
☑ Qlik Corporate Training - recorded videos for internal training of company employees
☑ Mediawiki - Deployed and Configured the Knowledge Base for the reporting Department
☑ Migration project: QV11 -> QV12, NP16 ->NP2020
☑ PowerShell - development of scripts for automating various actions on windows (archiving, copying)

☑ Subject domain: Web Analytics, Sales, Logistics, Finance, Marketing Event Analysis

November 2014 - May 2017


☑ Project to implement a budgeting system based on Hyperion Planning
☑ Project to deploy a EPM solution QlikView (Analytical module for the ERP system GOLD)
☑ Optimization of integration solutions, post-project support and system development (budget, cost allocations)

☑ Subject domain: Budgeting, allocation of expenses

September 2013 - November 2014


☑ Support and improvement of Oracle Hyperion Planning functionality
☑ Oracle HP Administration
☑ Development of Analytical Data Models, Data extracting, transformation scripts and model calculation scripts in QlikView

☑ Subject domain: Budgeting, allocation of expenses

October 2011 - August 2013


☑ SAS Base, SAS Financial Management, SAS Activity Based Management
☑ Consulting external customers, updating systems, participating in presales, collecting and processing primary requirements from customers
☑ Research of new systems, elaboration presentations of solutions for pre-sales: Oracle epm (Hyperion Planning & Profitability and Cost Management), SAP BO Profitability and Cost Management (SAP PCM)

☑ Subject domain: Budgeting, allocation of expenses

My Hobbies
I play the guitar.
Since 2012 I have created several of my blogs (and continue to develop some of them).
I spend most of my free time with children (walking, developing activities, etc.)


«Specialist» Bauman MSTU 2013: Marketing and Advertising Manager

«Specialist» Bauman MSTU 2013: Theory and practice of accounting 2013 — Credential ID №2721790